Master Mind Game Night

Welcome to Master Mind Game Night!

During these intimate gatherings, we will have a fun night of competition and learning featuring Robert Kiyoski’s Cash Flow game.  Here we will discuss and share various business, investing and financial strategies, all while networking and having a fun night with like-minded people.

Sound fun? Want an invite? DM me on IG and Facebook, or send me an email. I would love to have you!



CASHFLOW the Boardgame

More than a game, it’s a game changer.

Investing is a skill most can’t learn from a book. The alternative of learning in the ‘real world’ could prove costly. You need to first understand your own behavior. CASHFLOW 101 was created as a fun, powerful, and experiential way to teach investing and wealth building. Manage assets and liabilities, trade stocks and fight your way out of the Rat Race.