{When it’s not just a Day Dream…}

Ok, so Invest with Finess…

I started this business venture in hopes to promote myself in the world of real estate investing, focusing my efforts gaining wholesaling leads. I was going to use my game nights as a way to help people, myself, and my pockets!

Funny thing happened… I was way more driven in the idea of help others, than I was about making money. I can not tell you how many times my love and I discussed the purpose of my game night. I was trying to hold onto my original idea, but we both knew it was taking on a new purpose. God has blessed this man with a sharp mind for business, and for the life of me, I just couldn’t bring him to my side.

“It’s not about the money! I have to help people… my people! We are the only group out here who doesn’t understand how to play the capitalist game. We have spent too many years buying into this unity dogma, that we forgot to look out for ourselves. We spend our money in their stores. We work for them. We look for them to educate our children! I have to do something to help in the raise of Black Excellence!”

I would give him these heart-felt pleas to why I was willing to take a lost to serve my purpose. He, of course like any loving boyfriend would, supported my dream and aspiration. He made sure he was there for me every step of the way while I organized the entire night. I am talking about: proof reading, countless hours of helping me fully thinking it through, providing constructive criticism, and even spending money. When it didn’t go as plan, this man posed a new question to me.

“This just doesn’t make good business sense. Why not show the people how to grow wealth by doing it? You focus so much energy on trying to get them to see the information, but they won’t pay attention until they see you doing it.”

God bless this wonderful man of mine! He was right! How can I show someone the way to financial freedom if I haven’t walked through into the other side!?!

Invest with Finess has taken on a like of it own. From a creative marketing plow to my own personal campaign for fixing a huge problem I see in my community.  It now stands for finding your more. Whatever that looks like. From business owning to investing, I will share all that I know, and then some. As I work hard to light the path to wealth for my community, I will leave record of how I did it, so that others after me can do it too.

Real change is gradual. It takes one person to devote the time to reach one person. A ripple effect if you will, I teach you, you teach the next person. Before long we will have helped enough people to make real change.

I invite you to join me! Learn with me as I learn. See my success and failure. Grow your mind as I grow mine. Find your more, build your empire. I am actively laying the foundation of my destiny, and I would hate to leave you behind!

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