Finess Hill is an Atlanta native, proudly born and raised. Originally from the Stone Mountain area, she graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelors of Science, majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management, with a minor in Business.

Finess has spent many years working in various industries, honing her management skills, and more importantly her excellent interpersonal communication skills. From managing a well run catering company, to helping ill children at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Finess has found the passion to help other effectively handle stressful situations.

Currently Finess has jumped head first into the world of Real Estate and investing. She bring with her years of hard word and dedication to every potential buyer and seller. There is not a problem too big or a person too stubborn that Finess can not help, always offering creative solutions with a smile.

If you would like to contact Finess, please feel free to call her at (404) 436-6614 or email at Finess@finesshill.com

Thank you, have a blessed day!